Carol Herd-Rodriguez

Palisades Abstract, 22 X 30, Acrylic on Paper, $500

My work is a manifestation of my direct observation in nature, of dreaming, of living in wonder, and of ideas about limitless possibilities.  Water, rocks, trees, and empty boats are some of the images that I return to again and again.  No matter the subject, I look for the numinous, yet I am drawn to represent my surroundings.  Each painting is an expression of direct examination and emotional, even sentimental response to nature.  My work exists in the gap in between what I observe and my intuitive response.  

My paintings are executed through mindful generation of the image and through response to the materials and processes used. The process is as important as the resulting art.  Layering is an important aspect of making every work.  Some layers are barely visible in the finished work and leave just a visual impression of color, texture, or shadow.

Additional techniques I use include drawing, collage of  my own photographs, mono-printing, and papermaking.

 My influences include  Kahlo,  O’Keefe,  Klee,  Avery and others.

I grew-up in the River Towns of Westchester County  New York. The Hudson River and the local landscape drew me back  as an adult, where I live with my two children.

I have been making art as far back as I can remember and  exhibiting for more than two decades.  My work is held in corporate and private collections.

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